Preparation for Certification

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Preparation for Certification

1.) A company wants to provide access for their end-users to the Assets, Locations and Preventative Maintenance applications without having them navigate through the Go-to menu. Is this possible? If yes, then how so?

2.) How many parents can a workorder have in Maximo?

3.) Meters are used to track and monitor equipment. Name three Maximo objects that use meters.

4.) How are items grouped together so that they can be all pulled out together at once? What is this action called and what must be true in order for Maximo to allow this to occur?

5.) ABCDE has recently expanded their operations to go international and in doing so have decided to purchase Maximo to track their inventory and manage their assets. The company has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and continental offices in New York, Madrid, Tokyo and Paris. Each continental office is responsible for 4 regional offices under it. New York and Paris offices use exactly the same parts and companies as Sydney, but Madrid and Tokyo share different vendors and products than the other offices. How would you structure this system in Maximo?

6.) In which application are Maximo log-ins created?

7.) XYZ is thinking about hiring a landscaping service for their corporate office in Brisbane, Australia. They want to consider multiple vendors before awarding the project to the winner. Which application provides them this capability?

8.) Target Inc. has recently embarked on a project to add touch screen computers at their checkout counters, they need to track the actual costs of this project against what they budgeted for the project. Which application should be used?

9.) In Maximo, assets can be moved between ____________ and _____________.

10.) What costs are capable of being tracked on a work order in Maximo?

Added by Deanna Lenz 20090519

1. When using communication templates who(m) can you send the messages? (choose as many as you believe are correct)

          a.	Person Groups
          b.	Organization
          c.	Persons
          d.	Users
          e.	Sites

2. If there are two or more sites associated to the organization can each site use a different currency?

3. In what application do you define what type of PR or PO will be generated using the inventory re-order?

4. How many condition codes are required for a item that is set for condition codes?

          a.	One
          b.	Two
          c.	Three
          d.	Unlimited

5. A user wants to add a KPI graph to their start page? How would this be accomplished? (Think start to finish)?

6. The system administrator does not want the users changing their start center page, where and how would you limit this option?

7. In which application do you configure an individual maximum amount that they can approve a PO?

8. Company A has decided that they need to associate calendars to track laborers and asset downtime defining the working time for all to be Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm? They have two organizations in MAXIMO with two sites associated to each organization? How many calendar records will need to be created? Explain your answer

9. When you update the current balance in the inventory module for a storeroom what records are updated? What happens when you reconcile the balances?

10. Can a Master PM generate PM workorders? Explain your answer

11. What is the difference between Work Order Tracking and Quick Reporting?

12. How would you use escalations and SLA’s together in MAXIMO? What does the escalation define? How can the escalation change the status on a contract? Can we notify someone that the contract is about to expire?

13. Define the different types of domains that can be created in MAXIMO and give an example of how they would be used?

14. I company has several 4 wheel drive vehicles for use only during the winter months in Idaho (October – May) and wants to ensure that the PM only generates when necessary? How can this be accomplished?

15. When does MAXIMO record downtime on a work order? Where can you change the asset or location downtime in MAXIMO?

16. What inventory analysis tool does MAXIMO provide to classify the inventory in a storeroom?

17. What inventory adjustments can be performed on an item in a storeroom?

18. Where are terms and conditions defined? Can they be created on the fly?

19. Once a PO is approved and sent to the vendor, when would you need to create a change order? What conditions allows for a change order? When you create a change order what happens to the original PO? Is it important whether or not any of the materials have been received?

20. If you wanted to change or add columns to an individual’s inbox, how would you perform this action(s)?