Maximo 7.x: E-Signature Settings

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Creating a new e-Signature option[edit][edit]

I have found that you can turn on and off the e-Signature options from the "Select Action" drop-down without having to restart the server and they take effect immediately. However I can't make the e-Sig options work for a field level off the database, even when selecting the requirement of "on save" from the "Select Action" e-Signature options. Not all of them seem to work either - only the "Change Status" one works so far.
This would seem to be appropriate, but it doesn't have any effect on our version of Maximo:
Left the following feedback: Technician is wrong - it still doesn't work in, tested under multiple conditions eSig on Status or Status date has no effect, while ACTSTART worked correctly with or without an eSig Filter. Turning on eSig for Change Status acts globally and does NOT take into consideration the eSig filter. - Questions? Please Call Will Hampton @ 512-568-8621
This comment was very helpful For example: “Save Asset” If you choose “Save Asset” option, when you change a value in the field that you enabled eSignature and try to save this asset the eSignature dialog will appear. - The key here is that the "SAVE" option is the trigger that the system will use to know when to check to see if it needs to prompt for a signature.
Additional comment of value: We have reviewed this behaviour and said it is working as design for the following reason: The eSig filter works only for optionname SAVE. This is by design. Part of the reason why it the filter is not used elsewhere is that options other than SAVE do not necessarily operate on the main MboSet in an application. The option could be completely unrelated to the main set. Therefore the esig filter is not applied via the framework except for SAVE. - Taken from the following URL: