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Maximo 6.x Contents [hide]

   1 Maximo 6.x
       1.1 Maximo 6.0.x
       1.2 Maximo 6.1.x
       1.3 Maximo 6.2.x

[edit] Maximo 6.x

Comes in three basic flavors: [edit] Maximo 6.0.x

MRO's final so to speak release of Maximo, this version moved the screen pages into the database making it easier to upgrade the screens but at the same time losing a lot of the functionality of the preview JSP implementation used in 5.x. Additionally it pretty much ensured that you would have to completely re-develop your screens when upgrading from 5 - 6. [edit] Maximo 6.1.x

This was a short (at best) release that was quickly (and quietly) replaced by the "blue washed" IBM release of 6.2 <smile> [edit] Maximo 6.2.x

This release was the first fully functional release of 6 by IBM and does contain many significant improvements over 6.0 - Including the ability to talk to SQL Server 2005.

IF your considering upgrading to version 6 (or MXES as it's also known) you may want to consider going to 7.1.4 if you haven't already committed your upgrade to this path. IF you have I'd highly recommend you go to at least 6.2.3 (6.2.4 currently (May 7th 2009) has no upgrade path to version 7, you will have to wait for 7.1.5 if you got to 6.2.4).

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