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Maximo 7.1 SQL Server Indexes Missing[edit]

Recently it was asked (on MAXIMO List):
I have a client that is missing key OOTB indexes in SQL Server. 
It also seems that they are missing from maxsysindexes and maxsyskeys tables. 

Does anyone have any creative ways to fix this? 
I have tried integritychecker without success.
This was my answer:
Open maxdemo.sqs from the maximo\tools\maximo\ directory 
Pull out the commands for creating indexes (create index… create unique index … etc) and the section for inserting the indexes back into maxsyskeys and maxsysindexes. Run that; have SQL Server update statistics; you should be good to go. <snip> I’ve done this dozens of times in the past on other versions of Maximo – if it errors because the index is there… so what – it’s supposed to be there. I prefer the MaxDemo file as it has a better set of indexes than the Maximo one… or at least it used to and I’ve not had time to double check the new releases.
The answer that came back to the group was:
Pulling the inserts and creates from the maxdemo.sqs worked. 

I also used the following to rebuild the indexes and then update the stats. 

select 'dbcc dbreindex ('tablename')
go' from maxtable
select 'update statistics 'tablename'
go' from maxtable

Further, now that I had the maxsyskeys and maxsysindexes tables populated I was able to run the integrity checker to fill in any holes.

--Will (talk) 20:42, 21 February 2013 (CST)