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What kinds of changes are there to Maximo?

This is pretty much just my opinion of what types of changes can be made to Maximo and what they mean:


“Changing the default behavior of the Maximo Business Objects”

  1. Java code changes
  2. Automation Scripts
  3. Any change that requires the maximo.ear file to be rebuilt and redeployed.
    1. Excluding: (pretty much any of the “properties” files, not used so much with Maximo 7.5)


“Changing the Maximo data model”

  1. Modifications in DB Configuration that require Admin mode.
    1. Changes to the Data Model
    2. Adding / changing Indexes
  2. Some configuration items belong here depending on how they are used
    1. Switches that change how Maximo behaves at a System/Org/Site level
  3. Adding a new Table / Application
  4. Modification of the JMS queues
  5. Modification of the WebSphere/ Weblogic / Java environmental settings (Available Memory, Threads, etc.)
  6. Flow Control


“Changes made with the Maximo UI Applications” e.g.:

  1. Minor modifications to the DB Configuration - those not requiring Admin mode
    1. E.g. Changing Title, Remarks, Relationships, etc.
  2. Adding or changing domains
  3. Application changes within Application Designer
    1. Adding fields, moving fields, making them required, etc
  4. Workflow modifications from the Process tab, not the Canvas tab
    1. Changing Node Titles
    2. Changing Node Instructions
    3. Changing Node Descriptions
  5. All other UI changes not listed as “Configuration” or “Customization”

Workflow or “Customization Continued”

(I've listed this separately as it has the ability to make Maximo highly efficient and force business process, or to hang the system beyond belief; and most people think it’s simple to write good Workflows… )
  1. New designs
  2. Design changes

Additional Items (add or where do they go)?

  1. Conditional Expressions
  2. Reporting
  3. Performance Tuning