Maximo - Clearing the Configure Lock

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Maximo - Clearing the Configure Lock [edit] How to clear the Configure Lock on Maximo versions 5.2 and older

IF DBConfigure locks up and you have to kill it to get out of the app you may have to clear a MaxVar flag called configuring - First check to see if your configure lock has been set.


if it is a 'Y' you must set it to 'N' to be able to open DBConfigure (ensure that no one else is in the system configuring the database BEFORE you clear this lock!! Then run the following to update the varvalue to clear the lock:

UPDATE maxvars SET varvalue = 'N' WHERE varname = 'CONFIGURING'

NOTE: Be sure to restore your tables BEFORE doing anything else or you may lose data!!

GLCHECKCOA and configuring lock

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