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Exxtreme Consulting's WikiEngine

ExxtremeWiki is built on the same engine as is released with the "Wikipedia" [1] and under the same GNU licensing it is. We plan to keep our software up-to-date as per the agreement in place with the Wikipedia foundation that lets us use their software :).

We at Exxtreme Consulting wanted a place where everyone could go to get information on Maximo. A knowledge pool where they could ask questions, get answers and perhaps contribute to the pool itself. To that end you will find us entering as much information as we can <smile>. Some of the information may be "common place knowledge" but its new to our trainees and so it gets placed online, for new beginners it could be a gold mine.

Other information will be coming from the more advanced personnel at Exxtreme Consulting, and will perhaps contain bits of wisdom that's not easily found elsewhere...

But the best thing is the potential collaborative effort of everyone - from minor edits (spelling and grammar, sentence syntax) to more complicated explanations of database explain plans and java coding - being placed online in a single searchable, referencable location ...

We invite you to take a look around, see what's out there, and hopefully find "just what you're looking for" on our site.

The Exxtreme Team.