Exam 036 - Classifications

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DO NOT PUT questions from the exam in these notes, to do so is a violation of the Exam Certification agreement with IBM 
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Classification is the capability to specify or apply hierarchy for assets, locations or other Items.

Rotating Item/Asset – the classification is determined from its rotating item. If the attribute values are updated on the rotating ITEM, they are also changed on ALL rotating assets that belong to this rotating item….(change the parent record it updates the children, check this too)

Classifications can be used to structure records into organized hierarchies, using classifications help you easily locate records and ensure that records are not duplicated unintentionally HOW

Classification application has 3 sections Use With: lists the applications that this classification will be used with, such as assets, item, location or work order (how many others? All?)

Children: which is a node list that is being used by classification (Types of classification records for application….Pump (centrifugal, rotary, and reciprocating)…|