Creating a general ledger account

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Creating a general ledger account

Creating a General Ledger Account

First you need to go to your Go To menu and choose the Financial drop down menu and select the Chart of Accounts .

From the Chart of Accounts you will need to select your organization.

From here you can select an existing General Ledger Account or you can create another account. To create another General Ledger Account go to your

Select Action Menu and choose the GL Component Maintenance.

Here you have to define each component of the new account ledger you wish to correct. Remember you have the option to use other components already created to mix into your new GL account.

Select each component, make a new row, and then fill in the fields.

Once you have fill in the required information for each component you can press ok.

Going back to our Chart of Accounts we can now select the components we enters and make ourselves a new general ledger account.