Calendars Application

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Calendars Application

To create a new calendar in the Calendars application:

Go to the Calendars application under the Administration module

Create a new record

-note: The new record is created at the Organization level

Fill in the Calendar name/description

Define the start date and the end date for the calendar in the Start Date and End Date fields

Go to the Select Action menu and click Define/Apply Shifts

Under Shifts click New Row

Define the Shift name and Description

To the right of the Start Day field click on the magnifying glass and pick the weekday the shift will start

Next you have to define how many days in a row you will work until the pattern repeats itself

In The Days in the Pattern field define the number of days

-note: if you work 5 days a week enter 7 in The Day in the Pattern field since you will have 2 days off and the pattern will repeat after 7 days

Next you need to click the Define Pattern button in order to enter in when you will be working within the number of days you have created for your pattern

After defining each Start Time and End Time for each day, click OK

-note: For days off leave blank

Check the box to the right of the Shift you want to apply to the calendar

Click Apply Shift

The default is set to enter the data on your entire calendar, however, you can define an exact Start Date and End Date for your current shift

From here you can add more shifts and apply them to your calendar, or you can add holidays your current calendar

To add holidays, go to the Select Action menu and select Define/Apply Non-Working Time

-note: if you are defining holiday time, make sure you add this after adding the work time; this is because whatever you add to the calendar will overwrite the previous additions; in other words if you define non-work time first, when the work time is applied it will overwrite the non-work time and show the hours as normal workdays

Click New Row

Define the Description field

Next select the Start Date and End Date of the non-working time

Next click on the magnifying glass to choose the Type of non-working time; the default is Holiday

Check the Box to the right of the new row you have just created and click Apply