Workflow: Starting Multiple Workflows

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Workflow: Starting Multiple Workflows

This was posted as a response to the MAXIMO Yahoo List

If you have more than one active Workflow process for an MBO then Maximo will give you a pop up list and require the individual to select which of the active Workflow processes the record should follow.

There is no direct way to set a default for selecting a primary or single Workflow process on the object in MXES, but there are some options.

1. Use the GoTo button in the workflow designer and create a different menu button for the different object flows and teach your end users to use the correct menu icon.

2. Create a parent or calling Workflow that is the only active workflow for the object and make all subsequent Workflow processes children (similar to MAXIMO 5 functionality)

3. Create an Escalation that would automatically launch a record into a specific Workflow process based on a field or set of fields

4. NOTE: In MXES it is possible to have a single record in multiple Workflow processes at the same time.

5. NOTE: IF a record in MXES is in one of two possible processes and a person without an assignment on the current process performs the "Route Workflow" action - Maximo will automatically place the record in the "other" Workflow process without prompting the end user.

The choice depends on the end user and data available.