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--wkh 06:37, 19 May 2009 (UTC)
--wkh 06:37, 19 May 2009 (UTC)
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[[Categories: WebLogic 7.x, Maximo 5.2]]

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WebLogic: Stabilization [edit] BEA WebLogic v7 sp4, and sp5 for Maximo 5.2

There is a bug in BEA WebLogic v7 sp4, and sp5 where the java vm eats up all CPU/resources "This addresses the looping that is causing the CPU to climb/spike" and finally comes crashing to a halt. Additionally there is another one where it resets the connections; the CPU/Resources problem is more likely the cause of your woes from a Maximo standpoint.

MRO Software has released a document on this jvm problem as: M04792 which contains CR211410_700sp4.jar, and CR211410_700sp5.jar (depending on if you're using sp4 or sp5. This problem may appear as stuck threads...

Another file: CR112799_700sp4.jar "Connection reset by peer: JVM recv in socket input stream read" should be available from BEA directly. (I'm not sure if this one is fixed in sp5 or not.). I've implemented these at several customer sites and the difference in performance is pretty significant. (can't find the release document - not sure if it made it to public consumption at MRO).

You will need to add them to the class path in the startwls.cmd file in the <bea> \server\bin directory

set CLASSPATH=.;c:\maximo;c:\bea\weblogic700\server\lib\cr211410_700sp4.jar;c:\bea\weblogic700\server\lib\CR112799_700sp4.jar;

The instructions on the website (MRO) for this are pretty good.

There is a fix in patch 3 that does address stuck threads document M04557 references the fix.

Adjusting the thread count (I use 42 normally :) ) is discussed in document M04565

Turn off http logging to the file access.log - it's a waste of time and resources, check the file if it gets over 100megs performance takes a hit (even if BEA says it doesn't)... Document M04034

Updating your JVM will help - and is referenced in document M04598 - although Sun is up to v 1.3.17 now I think and the document references .15 - something to try on your test system. Thread handling and performance overall seems to be much better.

Do not attempt to use 1.4.x versions from Sun - unpredictable results may occur and it's not supported by MRO.

--wkh 06:37, 19 May 2009 (UTC) Categories: WebLogic 7.x, Maximo 5.2