Remove the register now on the login page

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Remove the register now on the login page

It is not possible to edit the login page of Maximo in the application designer due to the login page not being an application. Therefore, in order to edit the login page you must modify it manually through the login.jsp

Locate the login.jsp file

Open the file in a text editor (do not use WordPad or Word!!) we recommend notepad++ from

ver 6 Find the code:


<td valign="bottom"><img src="images/login_icon_newuser.gif" width="17" height="18" align="absmiddle"> <%=labels[4]%> <a id="selfreglink" href='javascript:selfreg()'><%=labels[5]%></a></td>


ver 7 Find the code:


if (!formAuth)




<%=labels[4]%> <a id="selfreglink" href='javascript:selfreg()'><%=labels[5]%></a>




Tag the above selection with tags

Resulting code should look like the following:

ver 6 code:

ver 7 code:

Save the login.jsp file and reinstate Maximo EAR files Insert non-formatted text here