Creating a Table Domain MAXIMO 6

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Creating a Table Domain MAXIMO 6

If you need to create a table domain in version 6 MAXIMO there are several steps that you will need to configure and create.

If the domain will be used on a new field within an application for example to identify if the work was requested from a salaried or hourly employee, that field would first have to be created in the application designer.

[edit] Before starting to create this a new table domain the following data needs to be determined.

   What application will you be using starting or beginning this table domain search
   What Object will be used to pull or bring data to the originating table
   Does the parent or originating application have a viable field or will a new field have to be created in DB Config
   What record or records do you want to display to the end user (List Where Clause)
   What is the relationship of the data between the table domain (Validation Where Clause) 

[edit] Create the Domain

   Open the Configuration Module > Domain Application
   Create Table Domain (use push button in lower right hand side of application)
   Type in the name of the domain you are creating = Domain Name (EXXTTABLE and Description)
   Enter the List Where Clause - this will define what the end user will see (CREWID is null)
   Enter the Validation Where Clause - this will limit the return data using a 1 to 1 relationship (laborcode = :exxtdom) or ('WILSON' = :exxtdom) 

NOTE: exxtdom is a user created attribute (field) for this exercise... Category: Maximo 6.x