Configuring select action menu

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Configuring select action menu

You configure the Select Action Menu through the Application Designer.

After selecting the application in which you wish to use the Application Designer you can go to the Select Action Menu and select the Add/Modify Select Action Menu.

Through the Add/Modify Select Action Menu you can add and remove different menu options from the Select Action drop down menu, choose the location of those menu options on the drop down list, and place those options in groups on the menu.

While adding your menu options you use 3 fields of information to place your menu option in the position you wish on the Select Action Menu.

The first field is the Header Description Field. This field allows you to group menu options together. An example would be if different menu options all had the same Header Description of Primary. Primary would show on the Select Action menu and it would have a drop down menu for a secondary menu of options.

The second field we look to is the position field. The position number allows you to choose where on the Select Action menu your new option will fall. Simply stated you could number your menu options 1 to 10 and they would appear in that order on the Select Action menu.

The final field is the sub-position field which works together with the Header Description. When we use the Header Description we give the Select Action Menu a name in which to select many other options but we use the sub-position field to actually place those menus. If our header is on a menu option with a position of 1, then all menus we wish to also be available to that Header Description will also use a Position of 1. The sub-position will allow us to place all the menus in a given order from the Header Description the same as using the Position field.